Hi, I'm Germaine

Founder and Director at Futuretheory. Photographer and Content Creator in Canberra, Australia.

Welcome to my personal website - a place for me to share my photography, ideas and personal pursuits. To explore what I do during my 'day job', visit Futuretheory. I love helping organisations and individuals. I'd love to connect - feel free to say hi!


I am the Host of Future Tribe Podcast, and I also have my own YouTube Channel where I talk about everything marketing, business and design. Of course, I also enjoy photography as can be seen on this site.


I am passionate about helping individuals and organisations grow. I do this primarily through Futuretheory, where I am Director and Co-Founder along with an experienced and capable team.


I believe that each and everyone of us have a role to play in our community. I am currently involved in a number of organisations and initiatives and am always looking at ways to increase my impact.

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