My Photography Journey

My journey into the world of photography began with my family’s cameras at first – as do most photographers.

Nikon L810

Then, in 2010 I purchased my very first camera, a Nikon L810 Ultrazoom that I outgrew very quickly. From there, I upgraded to a Canon EOS 600D in 2012. This was my first DSLR and an opportunity to really understand the ins-and-outs of lighting, aperture, shutter speed and lenses (just to name a few of the different things a budding photographer needs to learn).

Canon EOS 6D Mark 2

In 2017 I upgraded to a Canon EOS 6D Mark 2, a more capable camera. At the same time, I upgraded some of my lenses, including buying the Sigma 50mm 1.4 (that by itself cost more than the whole kit I was using before).

Canon EOS R5

Getting into more videography, I upgraded in 2020 to the Canon EOS R5 that I use today (along with the 6D Mark 2 as a secondary camera). Interested in what else I use nowadays? Take a look at my kit here:

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